English learning for curious minds

Are you bored of vocabulary, grammar, and phrasal verbs?

At Leonardo English, we believe that learning English should be interesting.

You should learn more than just language. You should broaden your mind.

Here's how we do it.

We produce English podcasts that teach you fascinating things about how the world works.

They are spoken at a speed you can understand, and come with a transcript and key vocabulary.

Imagine taking English lessons from your most knowledgeable friend.

It's English learning, but for curious minds.
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What people are saying about Leonardo English

“ Finally, a much more interesting way to improve my listening skills. I loved the one about fake meat! “

Chiara, Italian speaker, 33

“ Wow. I learn something new every single podcast. More please!“

Rui, Japanese speaker, 42

"The topics are great and I find the way they are presented so positive and entertaining“

Anja, German speaker, 32

Built by English native speakers, teachers and language learners.

Leonardo English was created by lifelong language learners and English teachers.  

We know how to teach English.

But more importantly, we know how you really learn a language.

Leonardo English is the result of thousands of hours learning 6 languages.

It's the way we would have wanted to learn.

We hope you enjoy it.

learn english with podcasts

Who is it for?

student learning english

Intermediate speakers and above

Can you understand this website? If so, you should be able to understand our podcasts.

Or just listen to one and see.

Serious about learning English

Apps that feel like a game don’t really help you anymore, and vocabulary or grammar books are tedious and boring.

You want something better.
learning english reading a book
learning english listening to a podcast

Curious about how things work

You love learning, and have a thirst for knowledge.

Why shouldn't you learn fascinating things about the world while you learn English?

What are the podcasts about?

With Leonardo English you can listen to fascinating podcasts and learn about the world while improving your English.

We make podcasts on everything from history to science, economics to language learning.

Some of our recent podcasts include The Sea That Disappeared.

New podcasts come out twice a week, on a Tuesday and a Friday.

Members get unlimited access to all of the podcasts.

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New podcasts come out twice a week, on a Tuesday and a Friday.

Members also get bonus podcasts, which come out at least once a month.

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Simple, clear, and fair.

You can listen to 1 podcast a week on our website or on your favourite podcast app.

Then become a member from €5 per month and get unlimited access to every podcast and discover a more interesting way to improve your English.

Why become a member?


Unlimited access to every episode


2 new episodes per week


Download episodes to listen to later on any device


Change speed of audio - slow it down if it is too fast


Request podcast subjects directly from the team - you request it, we make it


Monthly Q&A sessions with team


30 minute call with Leonardo English team after signup (included in Learner)


Animating transcript for every podcast (included in Learner)


Key vocabulary (included in Learner)


Download transcript & in-line key vocabulary as pdf (included in Learner)


Call with Leonardo English team (included in Learner)


Exclusive member-only benefits

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You can listen to a limited selection of podcasts for free on the website or your favourite podcast app.

You can see some sample transcripts and key vocabulary on the Free Transcripts page.

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