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English Learning for Curious Minds Podcast
Are you bored of vocabulary, grammar, and phrasal verbs?

At Leonardo English, we believe that learning English should be interesting.

You should learn more than just language. You should expand your mind.

Here's how we do it.

We make English podcasts that teach you fascinating things about how the world works.

They are spoken at a speed you can understand, and come with an interactive transcript and instant translations in 12 languages.

Imagine taking English lessons from your most knowledgeable friend.

It's English learning, but for curious minds.
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Some happy members

Curious Minds from all over the world have discovered a more interesting way to improve their English

"It is such an amazing source to improve my listening, vocabulary, comprehension and more. Becoming a member was quite an easy decision for me. Definitely, I made the best decision ever."
Coté Granados
Spanish speaker, Spain
"I really enjoy listening to this podcast. It is the perfect opportunity for me to practice my pronunciation. There are plenty of podcasts with fascinating podcasts about the world we live in, and I love the quality of the storytelling. All in all, perfect value for money and I can highly recommend this to any learner of English around the world."
Kristian de Groot
Dutch speaker, Prague
"I was very happy when I discovered Leonardo English. It's exactly what I was looking for to improve my English. The speed is just right for me, and the tone and intellectual topics make it adorable to follow. Thank you!"
Neda Hashemi
Persian speaker, Iran
"Finally, a much more interesting way to improve my listening skills. I loved the one about fake meat!"
Chiara Pasian
Italian speaker, Italy
"Leonardo English is one of my favourite English resources I've found. It's great for listening to High Resolution English and improving your comprehension and confidence."
Manuel Cloverdale
Spanish speaker, Spain
"The topics are great and I find the way they are presented so positive and entertaining“
Anja Wernerus-Schmidt
German speaker, Germany
"I'm so in love with these podcasts. The content is unique and interesting, the voice is crystal clear for me to listen which was not the case with other podcasts. Thank you so much for giving me confidence and improving my level of English."
Sher Ali
Malayalam speaker, India
"It’s a very good way to improve my language skills. With the help of the key vocabulary and the transcripts on the website, I am increasing my vocabulary, and thanks to the shadowing I am improving my pronunciation."
Isabel M. Rivero
Spanish speaker, Spain (Gran Canaria)
I typed "British food" on Spotify and I found the Leonardo English podcast first. Not only I was intrigued by the variety of the topics that we can find on the podcast account but I deeply enjoy the quality of the content. It is always a pleasure to listen to it every morning. Thank you.
Luc Ratsimbazafy
French & Madagascan speaker, France
"As an English teacher, I was seeking to boost my listening skills. Leonardo English was highly appealing to me. Its informative and linguistically rich podcasts along with its serene tone of speech has exposed me to a variety of authentic collocation patterns, standard pronunciation and stress, and a British accent. I'd highly recommend it."
Ali Ansari
Persian speaker, Iran

Built by English native speakers, teachers and language learners.

Leonardo English was created by lifelong language learners and English teachers.  

We know how to teach English.

But more importantly, we know how you really learn a language.

Leonardo English is the result of thousands of hours learning 6 languages.

It's the way we would have wanted to learn.

We hope you enjoy it.

learn english with podcasts

Who is it for?

student learning english

Intermediate speakers and above

Can you understand this website? If so, you should be able to understand our podcasts.

Or listen to one and see.

Serious about learning English

Apps that feel like a game don’t really help you anymore, and vocabulary or grammar books are boring.

You want something better.
learning english reading a book
learning english listening to a podcast

Curious about how things work

You love learning, and have a thirst for knowledge.

Why shouldn't you learn fascinating things about the world while you learn English?

What are the podcasts about?

With Leonardo English you can listen to fascinating podcasts and learn about the world while improving your English.

We make podcasts on everything from history to science, economics to language learning.

Some of our recent podcasts include The Sea That Disappeared.

New episodes come out twice a week, on a Tuesday and a Friday.

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New podcasts come out twice a week, on a Tuesday and a Friday.

Members also get bonus podcasts, which come out at least once a month.

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