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Black Friday Deals for English Learners [2021]

Published on
November 24, 2021
Updated on
November 15, 2022
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This article may contain affiliate links
Written by
Alastair Budge

Looking for a bargain on your next English course? Here are some of the best deals for English learners this Black Friday, including italki, Preply, Mosalingua and Linguix.

Black Friday Deals for English Learners [2021]
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Black Friday is the time of the year where everyone is trying to catch a bargain, and there are some great options for learners of English. 

To make life easy, we’re keeping this list updated with the best Black Friday deals for English learners this year. 

This list will be updated frequently throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Note, these are all resources that we at Leonardo English use, know and trust. This doesn’t include every Black Friday deal for English learners, and in fact we’ve rejected a lot because, well, they just weren’t very good.

Here’s the golden rule though: if you’re not sure about whether you need it, don’t buy it.

English Tutoring Sites

A lot of websites to find English tutors are offering discounts this Black Friday. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to try out a private English tutor, you can use some of these discounts to book private classes for < €10. 

Whether you’re looking for a short, sharp burst of conversation or an extended teacher to work with, Black Friday can be a great way of testing these websites out.

Preply (50% off)

Preply is one of the best websites to find an English tutor (you can read our full review of Preply here), and they’re offering 50% off trial lessons with any English teacher. What's more, if you aren't 100% happy with your lesson, they give you another one, or your money back.

You don't need to add a code to get the discount - if you use this link the discount will be automatically applied.

Sign up here to get your 50% discount on Preply

italki (50% off credits & $10 free)

Italki is offering 50% off credits for online tutoring, plus you can get $10 free italki credit if you sign up using our special link.

It’s one of the top-rated sites to find an English teacher (read our full review of italki here), and this offer means you can get a substantial discount on the normal price.

Sign up here to get your 50% discount on italki credits with codes BF50 (if buying $100 of credit), BF25 (if buying $50 of credit), and B5 (if buying $10 of credit).

Verbling (10% off)

Verbling is another great option (you can read our full review of Verbling here). 

The discount isn’t as big as the other (it’s only 10%), but this works on bundles of 5, 10 or 20 lessons. 

So, if you’re looking for a long-term tutor, those 10% savings can really add up.

Sign up to Verbling with 10% off with code BLACKFRIDAY2021

Cambly (50% off)

Cambly is another website to find an English teacher (you can read our review of Cambly here). They are offering a whopping 50% off annual plans until November 26th.

So if you are prepared to commit for a year, you can save a lot of money.

Sign up here to get your 50% discount on Cambly with code BLACKFRIDAY50

English Learning Software

Some of the biggest deals can be found on websites and apps with English courses. Here are some of the biggest ones that we’ve found.

Our advice: think carefully about whether you’ll actually use it, and don’t pay too much attention to what the “normal” price is.

Mosalingua (98% off)

Mosalingua has over 11 million users worldwide, and offers a wide variety of different courses. 

Their big offer is The “MosaLingua Fluency Bundle”, which contains a series of stories and training. It’s one of the largest discounts we found (98%, according to Mosalingua). 

You get quite a lot with it, but we’ll let you be the judge of whether it’s the right fit for you.


Get lifetime access to the MosaLingua Fluency Bundle for €99 (with a 98% discount)

It’s available from Nov 22- Nov 29th.

Glossika (50% off)

Glossika is a tool that will “help you speak a language better and faster in the least possible time by using smart technology, adaptive learning algorithms and structured content.”

In plain English it uses some smart technology to help you learn new words and phrases in context. It’s best for people who are earlier on in their language learning journey, but can be a useful way for intermediate and advanced learners to remind themselves of grammar rules and pick up new vocabulary


50% off from Nov 20 - Nov 30th

Get Glossika Black Friday Deal with code 2021BK50

Rocket Languages (60% off)

Rocket Languages is one of the top-rated language courses, and promises to give you “over 30 advanced learning techniques that are proven to help you learn English more effectively”.

It has an average customer feedback rating of 4.7/5, and has millions of happy learners.

If you’re a Spanish native speaker, you’ll probably be interested in their Rocket Inglés course (which is specifically designed for Spanish speakers).


They’re offering 60% off this year.

Get Rocket Language Black Friday deal

Lingoda (30% off)

Lingoda has an interesting and effective approach to language learning, focussing on “sprints” (short periods of intense study).

My sister actually took one of these courses in German last year, and said it was a fantastic experience. 


They’re offering 30% off their courses, which start at €6.75 per class.

Get Lingoda Black Friday Deal with the code FLUENTFRIDAY35

Services to improve your English writing

Linguix (45% off)

If you’re familiar with Grammarly, Linguix does a very similar thing. It helps correct your grammar and provides you with feedback on your writing.

One extra cool thing we like about Linguix is that you can see your weekly writing stats, which is a great way to keep motivated.


45% off the annual Premium subscription

Get The Linguix Black Friday deal

Unfortunately there is no Black Friday deal we’ve found at Grammarly, but choosing an annual plan does make it 60% cheaper.

And that's it!

Happy Bargain Hunting from Alastair & your friends at Leonardo English.

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