How To Learn A New Word Every Day With Google (for free)

Published on
November 5, 2021
Updated on
April 24, 2023
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Alastair Budge

Did you know that there was a way to use Google to learn a new word in English every day? Google launched this feature at the end of October, and it is available for free to anyone with an Android or iPhone device. Here's how it works (and why you should use it).

How To Learn A New Word Every Day With Google (for free)
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If you are one of the billions of people who use Google every day to search for information, and you are also one of the hundreds of millions of people who are looking to improve their English vocabulary, you’re in luck.

Last month Google announced a cool new feature that will allow you to get daily notifications that will help you learn new words in English.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Open Google on your mobile and type “define + [word]”
  2. You’ll see the definition (in English), and a little bell to the right of it
  3. Tap the bell to sign up for daily notifications of new interesting words, complete with their definitions
  4. That’s it!
Learn a new word every day with Google

At the moment the feature is available only in English, and the definitions will also be provided in English. Google says that they will be working on providing other languages soon, but this feature will appeal to native English speakers and English learners alike.

Soon there will be difficulty levels to choose from, which will make life for English learners even better.

Note, English learners should be cautious about only learning new words this way, and learning new vocabulary in context will mean you have a much better chance of remembering it later.

In any case, this can be a really cool addition to any English learner’s toolkit, it’s completely free, so give it a go and start improving your English vocabulary today.

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