The Mules

Jen and Michael take a trip. It ends up being one they live to regret...

This course is not currently open for registration.

It will open again in mid-2024.
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The Mules, an English language course

The Mules will open again in 2024.

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An all-new story-based course...

Let’s be honest, most English courses are really boring.

You sit through some lessons where a teacher explains a grammar concept. 

Phrasal verbs. Idioms. Collocations. 

Eugh, it’s no surprise that most people never finish the courses they have spent their hard-earned money on. 

If you’re reading this and nodding your head, let me tell you about a new type of course. 

It’s called The Mules

With this course, we have taken the concept of what an English course should look like and turned it on its head.

We think you'll love the result.

An English-course you will actually want to finish.

See, most courses look like this:

Teach some grammar, add some real-life examples (if you’re lucky). Hope you remember something...

Here’s how The Mules is different.

With this course, everything starts with a gripping story, narrated by two professional voice actors

After each episode, we have a video lesson that goes into a language or grammar point in the story, and includes a quiz.

In this quiz, we also explain the answers in detail, so that you can really learn and understand the grammar point.

And each episode comes with a detailed transcript with key vocabulary (600+ advanced words & phrases), for you to review as you listen to the story.

What's more, we are releasing the story and lessons in serialised format (every day for 30 days), so you can follow the course together with an amazing group of curious and motivated learners.

The course will be posted live in our community, so you can ask questions, get grammar help, or chat with other students throughout the course.

✨launch offer • €99 €129
✨ member discount • €79 €129
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course content

What's included?

  • 30-part audio drama | 1.5 hours in total
  • 30 video lessons | 3+ hours in total
  • 30 study packs containing transcripts, vocabulary (600+ words & expressions), and quizzes
  • [BONUS] Unlimited Q&A access to teachers to ask all the grammar and language questions you want
  • [BONUS] 2 x live sessions to discuss the story / ask language questions
  • Lifetime access to all future course updates
  • 30-day guarantee - We're sure you'll love it, but if you don't, email us any time within 30 days and we'll give you a 100% refund.

course syllabus

Video lessons

This is a list of all of the language and grammar concepts we will cover in the course.


Course Introduction


Tense Review: The Simple Past


Specific Action Verbs


Tense Review: Simple Past in the question form


Specific Action Verbs




Tense Review: The Past Continuous


Courtroom Vocabulary


Idioms & Prison Slang


Tense Review: The Future in the Past


How To Describe Time (Part 1)


Tense Review: The Past Perfect


Descriptive Language


How To Describe Time (Part 2)


Tense Review: The Simple Past (Passive)


Tense Review: Past Perfect (Questions & Passive)




Specific Action Verbs


Tense Review: Simple Past vs. Past Continuous




Tense Review: Past Perfect Continuous


Descriptive Language (British Slang)


Tense Review: Past Continuous (+"-ing")


Descriptive Language (Swear words) & Similes


Tense Review: Present Perfect


Dialogue & Reported Speech


Descriptive Language: Feelings & Emotions


Figurative Language & Idioms


Specific Action Verbs


Verb Tense Review

The Mules will open again in 2024.

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✨launch offer • €99 €129
✨ member discount • €79 €129
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who this course is for

This course is for you if...

You like audio-stories

Do you like listening to podcasts or audio-fiction?


This is a 30-part audio-fiction series, so you should love it.

Every episode comes with a transcript and a vocabulary list so you will be able to catch everything in the story.

You'd like to improve your grammar

You know that your English grammar isn't perfect, and you have never really understood the difference between "I have been" and "I went".

But you'd rather eat a sock than sit down with a grammar textbook.

You'd like to learn in a more natural and more interesting way.

B1-C1 level

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced learners (B1-C1 level).

If you listen to our podcasts (English Learning for Curious Minds or Pioneers Of The Continuum), the course is at a similar level.

Or, if you can understand the text on this webpage without looking every word up in the dictionary, you will be fine.

happy students

See what other people are saying

We've been making audio-first learning content for English learners since 2019. Here are some nice things people have said.

gracias, merci, obrigado, danke, and ありがとうございました

Ready to get started?

I am so excited about this course, and I'm so thrilled to share it with you.

Remember, because we are releasing this "live", registration for the course is only open for a short period.

Registration will close at 23:59 on Sunday 3rd September, and it will not be possible to join the course again until 2024.

If you are ready to embark on a story-based adventure, I can't wait to welcome you.

Alastair - Founder of Leonardo English

The Mules will open again in 2024.

Leave your email to be notified when registrations open.

✨launch offer • €99 €129
✨ member discount • €79 €129
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