🇬🇧 Announcing The British English Challenge

Published on
July 24, 2023
Updated on
July 4, 2023
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Written by
Alastair Budge

Oi oi guv'nr. Ready to learn some real British English? Our inaugural British English challenge starts on July 31st. Here's what you need to know.

🇬🇧 Announcing The British English Challenge
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Ah, summer. Time to relax on the beach with a good book and forget all about English...

Well, not for everyone.

Our next challenge will start on Monday, July 31st.

Given that it's summer, this challenge is a little less challenging than previous ones, and a little more unique and unusual.

The theme is "British English", and we will cover all sorts of slang, idiomatic language and uniquely British English expressions.

Whether you live in the UK and have been wondering what Brits are talking about, or you are simply interested in slang and British English expressions, I think you'll enjoy it.

Here’s how the challenge will work:

  • Every 2 days a new task will be provided, containing 5 British English slang words or expressions, their definitions and examples of how to use them in a sentence. I will also post a video where I go into greater detail about these expressions.
  • The task will be to write a mini-essay or story (fewer than 250 words) using each of these 5 British English words/expressions at least once. You can even make a short audio/video if you are feeling brave...
  • I will also be there with you, every day, supporting and encouraging you on the way

Who will enjoy this challenge?

  • You want to build your vocabulary
  • You want to be accountable to others
  • You want to learn as part of a community
  • You want to learn some unusual & funny British English
  • You want to have a reason to spend time using English every day
  • You want to connect with others from different countries and cultures

What are the dates of the challenge?

Who can take part in this challenge?

I’m not on the “Pro” membership. Where can I get it?

Note: if you became a member before March 1st 2023, you are automatically entitled to take part for free.

Why should I do this?

Getting into good habits is hard, and doing something over a continuous period with a group of people is one of the best ways to get into the habit of something.

Sharing a journey with other people is incredibly motivational, and by doing this challenge with a group you will have a far better chance of success.

It will also be a lot of fun, you will learn a lot, and your confidence, writing skills and use of language will improve.

How long do I need to spend doing this?

There is one task every 2 days, and it requires you to write no more than 250 words. How long this will take depends on your level.

You do not need to read and engage with other participants' tasks, but you may enjoy doing so. Of course, this will take more time.

If you set aside 15 minutes per day, that should be more than enough.

Where's Da Vinci? What have you done with that cute robot?

Ah, good memory. Da Vinci was our AI-powered English tutor from our last challenge.

Da Vinci is great at lots of things, but he doesn't know much about British English so he gets confused by British English slang.

Luckily we have a real Englishman (Alastair) who can help.

I'm shy and would rather not share in public

I understand - people don't generally like sharing their work, especially with strangers. But it can be incredibly motivational, and everyone will be going through the same process.

The sharing is the magic. It's also not completely 'in public' - only other members of the challenge will see it.

OK, I’m ready. How do I register?

You can register for the challenge here. Please note, Pro membership is required to be approved.

I have another question

Please email challenges@leonardoenglish.com

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