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Members-only Session: Trying to Make Sense of Brexit

Published on
August 28, 2020
Updated on
April 24, 2023
min read
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Written by
Alastair Budge

Curious about what goes on at our members-only sessions? Here's a roundup of what happened at the last one.

Members-only Session: Trying to Make Sense of Brexit
Table of contents

On Wednesday, curious minds from 8 different countries (France, Italy, The Netherlands, Brazil, Czech Republic, Colombia, Ukraine and Spain) gathered for our 4th members-only session.

This one was a little different, as it was more like a lecture, but it was still interactive in parts. 

The topic was "Trying to Make Sense of Brexit" - no easy task.

Brexit is a subject that seems to interest and confuse everyone who comes across it, including the politicians and policymakers whose job it is to actually deal with it on a day to day basis. 

In this session we tried to answer questions like:

Why does the UK have a complicated relationship with Europe? 
Why was there a Brexit referendum in the first place? 
What is a "Euromyth" (and where do they come from)? 
Who were the main players in the Leave / Remain camps? 
From a linguistic point of view, why (and how) did the language that the different campaigns used have an impact on the end result? 
What role did post-truth play? 
What are some of the main issues to sort out after Brexit? 
What might happen next? 

We didn't manage to answer all of these questions - there is only so much you can cover in an hour - but I hope that everyone left knowing a little bit more about this complicated subject than they did before the session.

Unfortunately there's no screenshot of all of us this time (unlike the last one) because… I forgot. In its place, here's a photo that Mykhailo, a Leonardo English member from Ukraine took when he visited the UK in 2017.

Brexit image on a wall
Credit: Mykhailo from Ukraine

At the start of the session everyone went through and introduced themselves, and it really was a fantastic range.

From engineers to accountants, lawyers to astronomers, students to teachers, and people aged from 17 to 67, it truly was an amazing mix.

Indeed, these sessions are one of the benefits of being a member of Leonardo English, but really I probably enjoy them just as much, if not more, as our members. 

I'm already looking forward to the next one - I just need to decide on the topic now… 

If you would like to come to the next session, and you aren't already a member of Leonardo English, then you can check out our membership options and become a member today

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