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What's "Students of Murder"?

Students of Murder is an eight-part story-based course.

It contains 8 episodes, narrated by professional actors (in American English).

After each episode there is a video lesson which explains vocabulary and grammar points from the episode of the story.

Each episode also comes with a downloadable transcript and vocabulary list.

Starting on May 27th, you will receive one new episode and lesson every day for 8 days.

You will have lifetime access to the course, so you can go back to it as many times as you liked.

What you'll learn

Course syllabus

The focus of "Students of Murder" is the language of discussion.

This is a list of all of the language and grammar concepts we will cover in the course.


Language functions & murder-mystery vocabulary


Making suggestions & murder-mystery vocabulary


Making denials


Expressing confidence


Conceding a point


Describing cause and effect


Conditional sentences


Language review

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"i've been working murders for 25 years, so i've seen my fair share of cases..." - detective garcia

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