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Members-only Session: The Great British Quiz

Published on
November 24, 2022
Updated on
November 24, 2022
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Written by
Alastair Budge

For the first time even, we held a "quiz". It was a great experience, there was a healthy sense of competition, and we all learned a lot of weird and wonderful facts about the United Kingdom.

Members-only Session: The Great British Quiz
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For our monthly member-only sessions, we've experimented with lots of different formats. Debates, Icebreaker Sessions, Book Clubs, and even a Murder Mystery event. They are all fun in their different ways, but there's one thing we hadn't ever done: a quiz.

So, for our event in November, the theme was chosen: The Great British Quiz.

20 questions, curious minds from all over the world, and glory to be won.

We used an interactive tool called AhaSlides, which allowed everyone to use their phones to answer questions.

As for the questions, they were loosely on the themes of "general knowledge", "country & culture", and "language".

Some were easy (Q: How many countries are there in the United Kingdom? A: 4), others were not so easy (Q: What is Big Ben? A: not a tower or a clock, it's a bell).

It was a really fun way for people to learn some new facts about the United Kingdom, connect with people from all over the world, and do a little bit of English practice at the same time.

Certainly the feedback on the "quiz" format was positive, so there will be lots more quizzes to come.

And a special mention should be given to the two winners, Karolina & Isabella. We will have to see if you can recreate your success in the next quiz!

If you're a member of Leonardo English, keep a lookout for the next session.

And if you're not yet a member but this sounds like fun, I'd love for you to check out our membership options.

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